Network: Prime Video
Season: 2
Where to Watch: Prime Video

After an explosive first season—and an equally explosive response from viewers—it was a no-brainer for Amazon to lock in a second season prior to the first one airing; there's even talk of a spin-off on the books. Blending the ever-popular world of superpowered beings and the shit they have to deal with behind the scenes, the show's second season blended its formula of ultraviolent action and ultra-dark humor with socially-conscious themes to create a tale that felt shockingly relevant when released during a summer where the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor flooded news cycles and social media timelines. The excellent Aya Cash was perfect for Stormfront; fans of You're the Worst knew she could get down with the dark insanity, but giving her superpowers on top? It was a marriage made in Prime heaven. Shows like The Boys may be designed to help you forget the trials and tribulations of the daily grind, but it's dope that it was able to delve into similar themes as Watchmen; feed us future seasons this good, if not better.

Oh, and if you're complaining about The Boys dropping week-to-week, you're watching TV wrong. Get over it. —khal