Network: HBO
Stars: Ben Sinclair

Remember that Season 2 episode of Master of None where they followed a multitude of stories throughout one day in the city that never sleeps? HBO’s High Maintenance is sort of like that, but on weed. While the series highlights just how much is going on in massive metropolises like New York, a city where everyone seems to be making all kinds of plays in their own zone, it’s truly a look into stories that speak to many of us. Trying to quit social media, parents trying to “get” their child, a woman trying to cope with her protest group being white AF—these are all issues and concerns we have on the regular, presented with humor and grounded in reality. Hell, even our constant pot salesman, the Guy, becomes a fuller character during Season 2. It’s an impressive feat that could just end up being an ever-evolving series of misadventures of pot-addicted Brooklynites.  —khal