Network: HBO
StarringIssa Rae, Yvonne Orji, Jay Ellis

Finally, a show in this day and age that portrays black people as, well, black people. This revelation isn’t new. Once upon a time, black television shows were prevalent, especially during the early ‘90s. No doubt Insecure drew inspiration from the likes of Martin, Living Single, and A Different World. It's evident in the way Issa Rae's series depicts honest portrayals of young Black adults as they deal with everyday life. Each of the main characters has been fleshed out in two seasons leaving the audience (looking at you, Twitter) to chose sides and argue for a week until the next episode drops. The show works because young people see so much of Issa and co. in themselves. Whether it be in our professional lives or in our personal ones, Insecure holds the mirror up to how bad we are in this game we call life. Issa, Lawrence, Molly, and Daniel are all pieces of shit in one shape or form, and so are you, him, her, and me. I’m really looking forward to Twitter being wrong about relationships for another season. —Angel Diaz