Episode: "A Little Kiss" (Season 5, Episode 1)

What to make of the new Mrs. Draper? That's the question season five's premiere was tasked with solving after four ended with Don's (Jon Hamm) impulsive second engagement to his former secretary. And by the end of the two-hour premiere, we sure got a good look at her, pun intended. After her fantastic misread (of course Don Draper would loathe a birthday party where his co-workers are the invited guests, in his own home no less) sends Don into a bratty spiral, she fires back in one of the most erotically charged scenes in a series that trafficks in them. Not sold on Don's new marriage? Surely you changed your mind when her lingerie-maid stunt resulted in some forceful, hot make-up(?) sex right there in the brand new Chateau Draper. Welcome to the main cast, Megan. Frazier Tharpe