Director: Mark Rosman
Stars: Kate McNeil, Eileen Davidson, Janis Zido, Robin Meloy, Harley Jane Kozak, Jodi Draigie

The slasher movie as conceptualized by a horny teenage boy.

It’s the ultimate set-up to deliver what every high-school-aged kid rents these kinds of films for: beautiful women, elaborate kills, and perfunctory plots. The title says it all—The House on Sorority Row places a homicidal maniac within the walls of a sorority house, one occupied by six girls who tried pulling off a mean-spirited prank but ended up accidentally murdering their housemother. And, true to proper slasher movie form, someone’s out to make them pay. He or she prefers to wait for the sorority sisters to either have on lingerie or other skimpy articles of clothing, and, of course, all of the sisters are knockouts.

The House on Sorority Row is, fortunately, more than just a puberty motivator for young boys. Director Mark Rosman does his best to stage prolonged moments of suspense, approaching the film’s kill scenes with his Hitchcock influences intact. Granted, The House on Sorority Row shouldn’t even share the same DVD rack space as Hitch’s worst films, but Rosman’s noble efforts are commendable.