If one were unfamiliar with the long list of Ryan Gosling movies in existence, it would be easy to write him off as a pretty face. His classic good looks have charmed the socks off of men and women across the globe, as evidenced by the enduring, "Hey, girl" meme

But beyond his good looks, he’s an incredibly talented actor. From Nicholas Sparks adaptations to his recent portrayal of Neil Armstrong in First Man, Gosling always brings his A-game. He excels in dramatic roles, like the quietly intense getaway driver in Drive, and crushes silly scenes like his dance number in Remember The Titans. Basically, he’s good at everything.

Gosling has also managed to do something few celebrities truly achieve: He’s had a steadily successful career without making any major PR faux pas or losing our trust. His politeness with the press? Endlessly admirable. His friendships with his co-stars? Totally enviable. His love for Eva Mendes? Downright adorable. The Vine tribute after the passing of the “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” guy? Unprecedentedly epic. Plus, he’s never a jerk about how awesome he is. He just keeps being wonderful, which fuels our love for him even more. The guy is just so damn likable. Maybe it’s because he’s Canadian.

At 38, Ryan Gosling has an impressive resume of film roles. Best of all, his upward trajectory shows no signs of stopping; we look forward to watching him grow even more as an actor. These are the best Ryan Gosling movies.