50 Best Twitter Random Thoughts and Tweets of 2020

2020 has been unexpected. We can all agree on that. What 2020 has also been is a series of insane, random thoughts on Twitter. Luckily, we've compiled a list of the best random thoughts we saw this year for a lighter take on this tumultuous year.


A reminder to give and healthily receive love. This is the kind of positivity we should be spreading more often.


Where is the skincare routine? What’s the secret? How is it that men tend to have great skin without trying? Shit, we don't even know.


The answer is simple, really. Spread the knowledge!


We may have judged before, too, but honestly–do you.


Now that Twitter has a “Fleets” feature, this needs to be next. Or, it would be great if they let us Tweet for close friends.


They’re not fun to write. Do you ever want to quit mid application when the cover letter is asking for the most?


Touché. But hear us out, some jobs can actually be enjoyable. Like making lists of entertaining tweets…


This is definitely relatable. If you find yourself avoiding cleaning your room but doing small tasks in between, you might be a high functioning lazy person. If you do your work last minute out of laziness and procrastination, that also may qualify.


*Patiently but cautiously awaits Inauguration Day.*