Pete Davidson has had a long, eventful journey since his debut on Saturday Night Live’s 40th season premiere in 2014. One of the youngest SNL cast members of all time, and the first to be born in the ‘90s, Davidson made a splash at first simply for adding a youthful perspective to the show. Over the past six years he’s quickly become known for his brutal honesty and vulgar sense of humor, often giving his uncensored thoughts on drugs, relationships, and mental health. While he receives plenty of press for his dating life following a whirlwind engagement to Ariana Grande, Davidson is most known for being open about his own mental health issues, speaking candidly about his own borderline personality disorder diagnosis and the wellness check updates he gives on his life in SNL’s Weekend Update. The thin line between his life experiences and his comedy have now resulted in the release of King of Staten Island, a movie loosely based on Davidson’s own life, starring Davidson, and directed by Judd Apatow. In honor of the digital release of King of Staten Island, here are the top 10 SNL sketches featuring Pete Davidson.