The one-year mark of the election outcome that, despite pussy-grabbing, literal endorsements from the KKK, and just plain ignorance, Donald Trump secured the position of President of the United States. That gave us only two more months of the dynamic duo of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, arguably the most enviable and most endearing bromance of the free world. Though President Obama and Vice President Biden had to step down from office in January, fans weren't willing to let them leave without having a little fun with the team's most epic photo-ops over the years.

As a final send-off, fans took to Twitter to share their greatest memes of the presidential team. A ton of the memes re-imagined funny conversations the duo had, based off of old pictures of them in the Oval Office or around the White House. Many of the back-and-forths involved Biden scheming on or pranking president-elect Trump and his running mate Mike Pence, while Obama disappointingly turned him down. While the conversations are of course completely false, they provide some still-needed comedic relief as we continue to mourn the state of the nation.

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