Director: Craig Gillespie
Stars: Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Allison Janney

Even when you keep your eyes and ears deeply entrenched in the world of pop culture, there are still projects that blow you away. I, Tonya, the Margot Robbie-starring film that tells the story of figure skating's great villain, Tonya Harding, was that project in 2017. Harding's spent her time in the limelight being hated as skating's bad girl. For good measure, to be honest: she was reportedly part of a plot to take fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan out of competition, and might have if the plan didn't blow up in her face. I, Tonya might not be Harding's redemption song, but it is a great definition of there always being two sides to every story.

Oh, did we mention that there's just as much comedy in this as there is tragedy? Sure, we see young Tonya being forced to pee herself by her abusive, demanding mother, but there are times where real life is just as hilarious as fiction. It's also heart-breaking; at the center of this is a woman with a certain gift who truly just wants to be loved, and she either has to deal with a mother who's devoid of that emotion or a mate who's confused on what love truly is. When expressing herself with her God-given talent, Tonya still isn't good enough. It can give you an "I don't give a f**k" attitude, but in stories like this, those attitudes usually end terribly.

I, Tonya isn't just a film for those of us who watched the story blow up on TV news shows and the National Enquirer; this film is for anyone who wonders how quickly a nation can turn on you. —khal