Director: Federico Fellini
Stars: Marcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale

Italian master Federico Fellini's semi-autobiographical fever-dream about movie-making builds to a point where it seems as if it couldn't possible have an ending. How do you end a movie that's about one man's inability to make a movie? Guido Anselmi (
Marcello Mastroianni) winds up on an empty lot that seems to stretch forever. We've just watch him imagine to shoot himself at a press conference for his latest picture, the one he hasn't started. From nowhere, a massive procession of people comes pouring out. Nina Rota's score reaches a circus-like whir as Guido leads a rich pageant of all the people he's ever known and loved. He's the center, the ringmaster, the band leader, the director. The image is Fellini's visual metaphor for life, a little narcissistic, but ultimately beautiful. —GT