What began as simply the strongest track on Childish Gambino’s latest album birthed one of the most creative memes of the year, the “Redbone” remix. An earworm of the finest degree, Gambino fans first started remixing the song the old fashioned way, but well-meaning arrangements soon gave way to artist-specific remixes, including my personal favorite: “Redbone” as performed by Lil Uzi Vert. From there, as the music minions of the Internet are wont to do, things got weird. First came the semi-charming, tumblr-esque twists like tracks replicating what “Redbone” might sound like from the inside of a bathroom at a house party. But it wasn’t long before other memes crossed with the song, spawning this fucking hilarious hybrid. Needlessly to say, the song was hit with countless other variations—even while Donald Glover stayed conspicuously silent. Music twitter, you’ve done it again. —Aubrey Page