Appeared inJoker

Thinking ahead on this ranking, and Phoenix's position is the toughest to nail. Feelings about the film itself aside, Joaquin put on a stunning performance as Arthur Fleck, breathing a disturbing life into the Joker. The thing is...we don't get enough screentime showing Joaquin as the Joker, by design. The film is about that descent into madness, which Joaquin nails perfectly, from his gutwrenchingly grotesque laugh to the chaos displayed in the film's final scene. He really is the archetype for the Joker we know today: a maniacal madman who is unafraid to be the spark that ignites the revolution. That said, his time as Joker isn't nearly as impressive as the journey he took getting there. It's a tough call, but based on what other actors have done with the role, it's difficult to call Phoenix the best Joker out there. —khal