Movie: Fatal Attraction
Director: Adrian Lyne
Stars: Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, Anne Archer​
Psychopath Rating: 🔪🔪🔪

The seminal femme fatale of the ‘80s, Glenn Close delivers a heavy dose of psychopathy in one of her most memorable roles as Fatal Attraction's thirsty AF antagonist. Lest you’ve been living under a rock and have yet to watch our girl invent new uses for a kitchen knife, I strongly advise that you hit up your preferred streaming service to watch this ASAP. Close plays Alex, a magazine publisher and extramarital side piece to Dan (Michael Douglas), who is “happily” married with a young daughter. Alex becomes increasingly persistent in vying for Dan’s affection, going so far to claim she’s pregnant, abducting his daughter from her elementary school, and doing otherwise super murder-y things that should have been enough for Dan to cut and run. But because he is a man, he does not. Rather, he attacks Alex in her apartment, nearly drowning her in her own bathtub. In full bitch gone wild form, Alex reanimates with a vengeance, knife still in her grip. There are two endings to this film. Watch both of them. 

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