It's easy to consider any of Disney's animated efforts that were made while Walt still resided in the Mouse House as classics—and Peter Pan is damn gorgeous to look at, gushing with technicolor nonsense. However, the toughest questions from JM Barrie's original story, which handle fun stuff like the weird sexual stresses of puberty and the slow disintegration of the parent/child relationship, are totally missing, making for a movie that's frankly a pretty weakass take on the story. Add in the fact that Peter Pan treats its iconic villain—that's Captain F*cking Hook to you—like a limp garbage person with an anger problem and it's hard to rank the movie too high. Then again, it does have Wendy, easily one of the smartest and most defiantly capable of Disney's female protagonists. And once you consider the effervescent joy of "You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!" it's easy to find the film's charm. Wanna forget your rent is due for 77 minutes of your day? Have I got a movie for you. —Aubrey Page

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