Before Valentine's Day comes, anyone wanna admit they got a crush on me? On Feb. 14, lovebirds around the world will celebrate their courtship in every way you can imagine. But the perfect night of swooning might hit you where it hurts the most—your wallet. The chocolates, the champagne, the singing telegram you ordered to be performed at their workplace; your Valentine’s Day gifts might add up and put a damper on your evening plans. 

Lucky for you, extravagant presents and adventurous plans aren’t the only way to say “I love you.” In classic first date fashion, watching a movie together is a cheap, perfectly normal way to spend some quality time with your beloved. Netflix and chill isn’t just for Tinder hookups anymore. 

Though picking out the perfect movie to both keep your attention and have you feeling some type of way can be tricky, there are plenty of top-notch titles to choose from. Whether you’re just trying to set the mood before you get your freak on or want to enjoy a night of cinematic viewing with that special someone, here’s our list of the best date movies.