Network: Disney Channel

The Famous Jett Jackson chronicled movie star Jett Jackson played by Lee Thompson Young (RIP) and his move back to North Carolina. He immediately brought celebrity attention to his small town, and struggled to balance the life of a working actor with the life of a “normal” teen boy.

Jett’s life was paralleled with that of the character plays, Silverstone, and the contrast between the two showed how lucky Jett was. Silverstone didn’t have a family (that we knew of), and lived life as a spy, detonating bombs and outsmarting villains. Meanwhile, Jett Jackson had two divorced but loving parents, a great grandmother, a girlfriend (sort of), and friends who cared about him. Oh yeah, and he was a TV star, so he had it pretty good.

The Famous Jett Jackson was the first Disney Channel original show to star a minority cast, and though it did well critically, it ended after 65 episodes, like most Disney Channel originals.