The Best Amazon Prime Christmas Movies

Negotiating the holiday season is tricky. We are firm believers that Halloween is the kick off to the countdown to Christmas (and is definitely not too early). We think the purpose of Black Friday is to get our Christmas decorations out of storage. And if you share our belief in holiday season superstition, then you know that Christmas music cannot, will not, and must not be played until at least Thanksgiving Day.

The same rules apply for holiday music and holiday flicks, which means that starting this week, Christmas movies are fair game. Thankfully, there are a ton to pick from. If you're into animation, you've got How The Grinch Stole ChristmasRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. If you love the classic Christmas movies, there's A Christmas StoryHome AloneElf, and The Santa Claus. And if you don't cry enough at Thanksgiving dinner, there's always It's A Wonderful Life

After combing through Amazon Prime, we compiled a list of the best Christmas movies they have available for streaming right now, so you can feel like a kid waking up on Christmas morning, even if you're a hungover 20-something wolfing down leftover stuffing and mashed potatoes like your life depends on it. These are the best holiday and Christmas movies on Amazon Prime.

Elf (2003)

No matter how old we get, Elf will always be a staple holiday film. Between the backdrop of New York City, copious amounts of snow, and feel good Christmas plot, how could we not revel in the holiday with this classic?

The Holiday (2006)

Raise your hand if you sometimes feel like dropping everything and living a life that is completely different from the one you've created for yourself. We love this movie because it shows us that although we are conditioned to believe that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, when we work to live the life we think we should be living, there may at least be fewer brown patches. This movie will remind you that even the most content of us may need to shake things up.

Home Alone (1990)

Pretty much everyone and their mother has seen this movie and will tell you that the whole Home Alone series is perfect to watch all year round. The sequels hold a special place in many moviegoers’ hearts, but there is something about the first one that cannot be topped.

It's A Wonderful Life (1946)

Considered one of the best American films ever made, It's A Wonderful Life is a holiday classic that reminds us just how much we can impact one another, a fact that's unfortunately easy to forget. 2018 also marks the first year that it's available on a major streaming platform, so now is the time to tune in. The film follows George Bailey (James Stewart), a man contemplating suicide after money from his family's business goes missing. Bailey is visited by a guardian angel, Clarence, who prevents him from committing suicide long enough to show him a timeline in which he had never been born, and all the people who would have been worse off without him. It's over two hours long, but it's a heartwarming tale about service, compassion, and notably, the evils of capitalism. Don't let the black and white fool you; It's A Wonderful Life is just as relevant today as it was 72 years ago.

Last Holiday (2006)

Name a more iconic duo than Queen Latifah and LL Cool J. We’ll wait. Although this movie takes place during Christmas time, the premise and theme of the story is always relevant. If you have never seen this movie we don't want to spoil it for you, but that if you are feeling stuck with the way your life is going, or need a push to live out your dreams, this movie is for you.

Love Actually (2003)

There are not that many movies that can flawlessly execute a multi-story arc, but Love Actually gets it right. Not only is it quintessentially British, but this cult classic makes you feel each and every character's plight to the fullest. Whether you're a fan of comedy, romance, heartbreak films, or redemption flicks, this movie has something for everyone.

Miracle On 34th St (1947)

If you have younger children in your family who still believe in Santa, it’s fun to pretend for a while that he exists with them. Although the color version is good, the original black and white film adds a special touch of nostalgia. 

The Polar Express (2004)

There's something about The Polar Express that brings us back to our childhoods. As an adult, we sometimes get bogged down with work, relationships, bills, and more that we could all use a couple seconds to revel in the easier times. Between the soundtrack, the classic story, and magical visuals, this movie is the perfect comfort film.

The Santa Clause (1994)

Although we eventually grew out of believing in Santa Clause, the idea that he could actually exist brings out the kid in us. Don’t lie: We’ve all spent some time imagining what a North Pole would look like if Santa’s workshop elves actually lived there.

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