Director: James L. Brooks
Stars: William Hurt, Albert Brooks, Holly Hunter, Jack Nicholson

James L. Brooks, creator of the groundbreaking Mary Tyler Moore Show, delivered his best movie with Broadcast News, the classic look at the intersection of love, ethics, and the news. This is what The Newsroom wishes it could be.

The premise is simple. Holly Hunter plays Jane Craig, a writer/producer for a big Washington news show, and she's torn between two men: Aaron Altman (Albert Brooks) and Tom Grunick (William Hurt). Altman is a great journalist, but not great on camera. Grunick is kind of a dope, but with more charisma than Altman has in the whole of his body. He's the perfect vessel to deliver the news, and Craig wants to jump his bones.

This love triangle is the entry point into a funny and smart look at what it means to love work more than life itself, and what it means to report the news. —RS