Eating and playing video games. Two age-old pastimes (alright, so the former has been around a little longer than the Xbox) that seemingly share no link. But a quick glance back over the most popular games of the last thirty years points to food being an ever-present theme in the gaming world, and developers Bossa Studios have taken this to the next level with their latest release, I Am Bread.

As the title suggests, you play as the actual piece of bread, embarking on a quest to be toasted. While the idea of role-playing as a piece of food is innovative, the presence of food within gaming has been steadily growing since the release of Pac-Man. While gaming culture is under fire – thanks to movements like Gamergate – for entrenched misogyny, there’s a whole genre that exists outside of the controversy, and has done successfully for years. Here, we take a look at the best servings from the world of food gaming.