It took a while, but with filming for Season 3 of Donald Glover’s critically-acclaimed FX series Atlanta is officially complete, and sometime in the future [Ed. note: Early 2022, currently] on March 24, 2022, fans will finally get to see the intrepid adventures of Earn (Donald Glover), Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry) and Darius (LaKeith Stanfield) continue. The question is, where are they going? On a literal level, they’re headed overseas. On a thematic note, beyond a few basics, it’s anyone’s guess. 

Two seasons into its run, Atlanta has blended eccentric humor with drama and surrealism to become one of the most inventive shows on the air—and maybe the most unpredictable. The basic plot (Earn finds out his cousin Alfred is bubbling rapper Paper Boi and sets to manage his career) is set, but it’s threaded by comically unexpected detours, meaning that almost nothing about a future episode is telegraphed by the story that came before it. When you throw in three years’ worth of pop culture events to allude to, the next season of Atlanta could be any and everything. 

Glover’s kept quiet about the new season, so how things shake out is ultimately a big TBD. But here’s what we know now and what you can probably expect for Atlanta Season 3.