Between the tense showdown in Episode 2 and the huge scene in Episode 3, it’s compelling to watch you interact with Eric Dane. Can you tell me what it was like working alongside him?
I love working with Eric, man. He’s fucking hilarious. It’s cool to work with him because he’s been in the business for so long and, you know, I haven’t. It’s cool to see that even if you are in this as long as he has been, you still have some of those same struggles that I’m dealing with as a new actor and whatnot. [Like] I’m not the only one going through that or whatever, you know what I’m saying? He helps me out with that.

Was there one specific piece of advice or a way that he prepped that you picked up in your scenes together that you’ve incorporated into your process?
I couldn’t tell you one thing off the bat. But, just as a whole, the way he moves is definitely an inspiration and whatnot.

The big confrontation in Episode 3 becomes this comedy of errors. Was that tone on the page when you first read it? Or did you all work it out as you were filming it together?
Definitely both. You know, on the paper, it was confusing and it’s like, what’s going on? Everyone in the scene is confused. I think that’s really how it reads when you watch it, you know? But at the same time, we had to figure out—when we are rehearsing and when we’re shooting—how all of it should feel exactly. It’s always a lot different to read it and then actually make it come to life. So it was a little bit of both.