Star Wars loves its memorable rogues, but even by the murky morality standards the franchise sets for its more mercenary characters, Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) is a complicated figure. His Rogue One debut scene concludes with the Rebel spy assassinating an injured informant to ensure his clean getaway from Imperial Forces. It’s not an entirely heartless moment—Andor shows remorse as the film’s score dutifully swells—but he’s pragmatic; trading one life to save his own ensures he’ll have another breath or two to continue his rebellion. Nevertheless, it’s quite an introduction.

The character’s initial appearance in the new Disney+ prequel series, Andor, begins in an equally memorable fashion with a younger version of the spy on another quest for information. As he strides through the dingy backstreets of Morlana One’s urban city center, the bluish hues and rain-soaked asphalt evoke feelings of Blade Runner more so than A New Hope.

This particular intel odyssey sees Andor stumble into a brothel—in what I believe is a canonical Star Wars first—eventually drawing the unwanted attention of two unsavory and off-duty corporate security officers. The inevitable and resulting altercation ends poorly for all involved, with Andor desperately searching for safe haven. Refuge arrives when Andor is offered a chance to join the early days of a growing rebellion, but this decision just delays an inevitable death.