Due to COVID-19 safety regulations, only presenters, people nominated, and their one guest are invited to attend. Celebratory events that are usually held after the Oscars, like the famous Vanity Fair Oscar Party, will not be hosted this year. For some nominees, the hassle of traveling in these conditions is too much so they will be joining from home or in-studio hubs set up by the Academy. Others aren’t letting the travel restrictions stop them from fully experiencing this moment in person in Los Angeles and have traveled from all over despite the COVID-19 travel restrictions, tests, and California’s 10-day quarantine rule for anyone arriving from outside the country. The Academy is reportedly also following all guidelines, including mandatory temperature checks for all guests, and at least three COVID-19 tests ahead of the ceremony. With the help of vaccine availability in the U.S., they have more flexibility than other award shows that took place earlier this year. Variety reported that they are aiming to have a live audience limited to 170 people. Audience members will receive a personalized itinerary that tells them when they will be rotated in and out of the ceremony.