If you really want to understand Los Angeles, locals will tell you to skip the avocado toast and beeline for a taco stand instead. It is there where you'll feel the pulse of the city, hear the rhythmic chop of a machete breaking down carnitas, and smell al pastor being sliced off the trompo.

While the Latino community holds the keys to L.A.'s taco reputation, they aren't the only ones who see the iconic street food as a vehicle for entrepreneurship.  In the series opener of our new show, Food Grails, we sent our host Miss Info to track down a new African-American taco movement, and investigate how it's inspiring the communities of Watts, South L.A., and Compton to see opportunities in the humble tortilla.   

To find out why rapper YG relies on "Taco Mell" to cater his music video shoots, or how one Watts native with a griddle in his front yard brokered a cease fire between gangs, watch the video above.