Kid Cudi on Not Retweeting Fans Who Call Him a Genius: ‘Agreeing With It Comes Off a Lil Arrogant to Me’

"I don't think I'm worthy of that praise," read part of his explanation, which lead a fan to post a similar Cudi sentiment from over a decade ago.

Kid Cudi on the Entergalactic red carpet

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Kid Cudi on the Entergalactic red carpet

Kid Cudi remains humble.

On Tuesday the Entergalactic multi-hyphenate hit Twitter to let his 2.7 million followers know that while he appreciates their kind words, he’s not comfortable retweeting anyone calling him a genius.

“Hey guys!! I wont RT if u call me a genius im sorry. I dont think im worthy of that praise and its a lil weird for me to RT it. I know ive got a gift, but callin myself a ‘genius’ or agreeing w it comes off a lil [arrogant] to me. And thats not me. I love and appreciate you 🥹,” wrote the recent Hot Ones guest and star of this year’s Ti West horror flick X.

He did retweet a fan pointing out a similarly grounded remark from 2012 and calling Cudi “our smart and creative king,” itself a reference to the vintage post in question. Over 10 years ago, then-28-year-old Cudder wrote, “If u guys leave out callin us ‘genius’ in ur tweets, it would be easier for me to retweet. Dont believe im genius but Iam smart & creative.”

It makes sense Kid Cudi’s getting a fresh infusion of praise about his creative aptitude, with Entergalactic being celebrated both as an album and animated Netflix special starring himself and Jessica Williams.

He motivationally reflected in a pair of posts earlier Tuesday, “Ive never lead a movie or a tv show until I made my own show after 14 years of workin in this business. Make it happen for urself. Dont wait for anyones approval when u know what ur capable of. Industry didnt give me a chance? Cool. Did it myself to critical acclaim. Entergalactic is my highest rated project w the best score out of anything Ive ever done. And its my creation. U got an idea?? Fall into it and go with it. Bet on urself.”

The artist also revealed he’s heading to Paris to share “a lil surprise for my fans out there,” asking, “Who wants to see Entergalactic in a dope theater w a bunch of the Cud Fam?”

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