The Best 'Stranger Things' Conspiracy Theories

Stranger Things is one Netflix’s biggest hits. With popularity comes fan theories galore, and Stranger Things is no different. The show inspired countless of conspiracy theories by fans that vary from the entire series being a fantasy by Eleven to Barb still being alive. Here are the best Stranger Things conspiracies.

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stranger things lead 1

Stranger Things became a sci-fi phenomenon when it debuted on Netflix in 2016. Fans immediately fell in love with the series’ nerdy pre-teen protagonists, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin and their friendship with telekinesis-powered Eleven. Together, they went on a mission to save their friend, Will, from a terrifyingly creepy alternate dimension known as the Upside Down (and to save Barb, but more on that later).

Between Mike’s nobility, Lucas’ instincts, Dustin’s adorable grin, and Eleven’s fierce and naive nature, it wasn’t hard for the show to become a fan favorite. But as with any TV craze, the show’s popularity goes beyond what fans already know, and has sparked a number of conspiracy theories about the characters, the setting, and the plot of the show.

Like other sci-fi series, the show inspires fans to create theories and speculate on what’s to come next for the series’ next season. As mentioned earlier, Barb was the first victim (that we know of) to be taken into the Upside Down in Hawkins. While Mike’s sister, Nancy, saw her decomposing body in the wasteland, fans are still holding out hope that Barb is still alive—even if she’s become the villain.

Just like Will’s mom, Joyce, who was one of the few adults to believe in the impossible (which led to the epic scene with Christmas lights), we’re all for delving into conspiracy theories. If you want to dig into your suspicious side, grab your tin hat and get set. Here are the best Stranger Things conspiracy theories. They may sound far-fetched, stranger things have happened.

1. Eleven Has The Force

stranger things eleven force

2. It’s All Dungeons & Dragons

stranger things eleven dungeons dragons

3. The Demogorgon Is The Hero

stranger things demogorgon hero

4. Stuck In The ‘80s

stranger things stuck in 80s

5. Eleven Created The Upside Down

stranger things eleven upside down

6. Eleven Is Controlling The Demogorgon

stranger things eleven controlling demogorgon

7. Barb Is The Enemy

stranger things barb enemy

8. Mr. Clarke: The Spy

stranger things mr clarke the spy

9. Stephen King’s ‘Stranger Things’

stranger things stephen king

10. ‘Stranger Things’ Meets ‘Buffy’

stranger things eleven meets buffy

11. From PI To Russian Spy

stranger things pi russian spy

12. Sara Is Alive

stranger things sara is alive

13. Eleven’s Dad

stranger things elevens dad

14. Fake Friends

stranger things fake friends

15. Eleven Is Still In The Lab

stranger things eleven lab

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