The Academy Finds No Evidence of Sexual Harassment in Investigation on President John Bailey

John Bailey will continue to serve as The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president after they found no evidence of wrongdoing in a sexual harassment case against him.

John Bailey

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John Bailey

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president John Bailey will continue on in his position with the organization after they found no evidence of wrongdoing in a sexual harassment investigation against him.

"The Membership and Administration Committee and its sub-committee thoroughly reviewed and considered the claim, John Bailey’s response, and corroborating statements from both parties," read a statement from The Academy toVariety. "The Academy took the claim very seriously and was cognizant of the rights of both the claimant and the accused, including consulting with outside counsel with expertise in matters related to harassment."

It further stated: "The Committee unanimously determined that no further action was merited on this matter."

Earlier this month, three sexual harassment claims were filed against Bailey. Since then, he has maintained his innocence.

"There was a single named complaint regarding an allegation dating back more than a decade ago in which I am alleged to have attempted to touch a woman inappropriately while we were both riding in a transport van on a movie set," read a memo Bailey released to The Hollywood Reporter. "That did not happen."

Bailey also called the sexual harassment claims made against him "false stories" that "served only to tarnish [his] 50-year career."

"I have refrained from comment on the various media accounts about me over the past several days because I wanted to allow the Academy process to play out," his memo read.

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