Samuel L. Jackson Brings Back His Legendary 'Pulp Fiction' Character on 'James Corden'

Samuel L. Jackson takes 10 minutes on 'Late Late Show' to recreate some of his most famous roles.

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You really can't argue against the quality of Samuel L. Jackson's filmography. From Star Wars to Pulp Fiction, dude knows his way around iconic moments in American cinematic history. On Wednesday's Late Late Show, host James Corden subjected Jackson to a 10-minute recreation of some of his most memorable performances.

Jackson and Corden opened with a classic Pulp Fiction scene before journeying through Kingsman: The Secret Service, Shaft, Die Hard With a Vengeance, A Time to Kill, Do the Right Thing, and—because promo never sleeps—this year's Kong: Skull Island. The Jordan Vogt-Roberts King Kong reboot hits theaters Friday.

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Jackson also joined Corden and fellow guest January Jones on the couch to talk about this RT-worthy Ben Carson tweet:

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"Come on man," Jackson told Corden when breaking down how the tweet came into existence. "You look at that, and you hear a guy talking about slaves were immigrants, and they're in the bottom of a ship chained up, and he starts talking about their hopes and dreams when they get to this country and making a better life. What the fuck are you talking about?"

Jackson added that he was actually in the middle of a New York presser with his publicist when he first caught the news of Carson's comments. "I was sitting there staring at my publicist and she read it and she looked at me and said, 'I know you want to,'" Jackson said. "I have to check with her sometimes before I press send. She was like, 'Go ahead, I just can't stop you from doing this.'"

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