Reality Star Stephanie Matto Who Earned $200K Selling Farts in a Jar Lands in Hospital Due to Severe Gas

Reality TV star and influencer Stephanie Matto says she's now "refocusing" her business strategy, though jars and flatulence will still indeed play a part.

A familiar face in the flatulence space says she’s feeling “better” following a reported health scare spurred by gas severity.

As you may have seen making the rounds across social media in recent days, including via the content-sourcing agency Jam Press and the New York Post90 Day Fiancé star and self-described “fartrepreneur” Stephanie Matto reportedly visited a hospital after experiencing body pains that she was worried could have been indicative of a heart event.

Prior to this development, Matto—whose recent projects include the launching of the Unfiltrd platform and the rollout of the Fart Jars NFT experience—made frequent headlines due to the popularity of the aforementioned flatulence when presented in a jarred format. Previously, for example, Matto claimed to have made nearly $50,000 in jar sales in a single week.

In comments shared with In Touch Weekly, Matto said the hospital scare was comprised of “a nasty two days” during which she was temporarily convinced a heart attack was imminent. 

“It was just a nasty two days that I felt AWFUL, but thankfully, it was not a heart attack,” Matto, who said she’s now feeling “so much better” after the incident, told the tabloid publication on Tuesday. “Just a very, very severe case of gas that made me feel like I was dying and having a heart attack.”

Due to this unique experience, Matto said she is now “refocusing” her profitable flatulence strategy to put an emphasis on the aforementioned NFT project, which includes 100 tokens that are redeemable for “a real fart jar.” Meanwhile, 70 tokens are redeemable for used panties, while 30 are redeemable for used lingerie.

On Wednesday, Matto addressed the exponential number of news stories about the gas-spurred hospital visit via a number of Instagram Stories updates. She also further hinted at her “refocusing” strategy moving forward, telling fans in a TikTok upload (see below) that “at least I still have my fart jar NFTs.”


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