Michael B. Jordan on Killmonger Returning in 'Black Panther 2': 'It's Possible, It's Marvel'

Michael B. Jordan is dropping gems during this 'Creed II' press run.

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Michael B. Jordan, citing the limitlessness of the Marvel universe, isn't ruling out a Black Panther return.

Asked during a quick Hot 97 interview Thursday in promotion of the upcoming Creed sequel about the return of Killmonger, Jordan didn't get into specifics but did offer some words of hope for those wanting such a thing. "Don't have that answer yet," he said around the 9:50 mark. "I don't. I think everything's a possibility. It's possible, it's Marvel. Anything is possible."

Pivoting the discussion to the awards buzz surrounding the original Black Panther, which saw the apparent death of Jordan's character, Jordan explained why he tries not to dwell on it. "The fact that Black Panther did what it did throughout this year and the impact that it's made on the culture and the community, that's a win," he said. "That's a win all on its own. The awards stuff, that's icing on the cake. I try not to think about it because it's not in my control but your mind wanders every once in a while."


Jordan also discussed Stan Lee and his current approach to picking projects. Catch the full interview up top.

Wednesday, ahead of Creed II's release, Jordan opened up his personal vault to release some behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot. "I grew up watching and mimicking all of the Rocky films and boxing matches and now I have not one but TWO films with Mr. Balboa," he said. "Just makes me feel like a kid again and I'm enjoying every moment."

Creed II is out Nov. 21.

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