'21 Jump Street' and 'Men in Black' to Hilariously Collide in 'MIB 23'

Still waiting on a 'Superbad' x 'I Am Legend' crossover though.

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22 Jump Street may have hilariously teased all the possible paths to glory for a theoretical 23 Jump Street during its notorious credits sequence, but reality has stepped in to offer something far more bizarre than all of those half-baked ideas combined: MIB 23. As its new official title implies, this is indeed that 21 Jump Street x Men in Black crossover event that's been whispered about ever since being revealed during that pesky Sony email hack.

What's that? You want an official logo so it seems really real? Here:

Beautiful stuff. The fresh logo and official title were unveiled by Sony at CinemaCon on Tuesday night, ComicBook.comreports. Though Sony wasn't quite so generous as to offer actual plot and cast details, the leading theory is that original Men in Black partnersWill Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will not appear in MIB 23. Renown Jump Streeters Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are expected to fill that void, ScreenCrushreports, by sliding into the intergalactic narrative themselves.

Whether this has any impact on the previously reported Men in Black reboot remains to be seen, though it's certainly plausible that MIB 23 will simply stand alone as a one-off event. Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are not expected to return for MIB 23, as they'll apparently be pretty busy with an equally hyped Han Solo movie. James Bobin (The Muppets, Flight of the Conchords), though not confirmed, is rumored to be taking their place.

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