Marvel Enlists Ava DuVernay to Direct 'Black Panther' (UPDATE)

It has been confirmed that the 'Selma' director will now helm the forthcoming 'Black Panther' film.

Reports from May of Ava DuVernay being heavily courted by Marvel for their upcoming Black Panther film have proven fruitful — DuVernay has now been confirmed as the director. According to MCU Exchange, the Selma director will direct from a script by a currently anonymous writer — though initial reports suggested an early draft was penned by documentary filmmaker Mark Bailey.

Though no official word from Marvel or DuVernay has been released, MCU Exchange predicts an official statement from one or both parties in the near future. DuVernay's uniquely skilled status as a brilliant filmmaker, alongside her historic distinctions as both the first black female director to be nominated for a Golden Globe and the first black female director to be nominated for an Oscar. Both honors stem from the 2014 historical drama Selma — which centered on the voting marches from Selma to Montgomery, AL led by Martin Luther King Jr. and others.

According to sources, Marvel's decision to hire DuVernay this early in the development process (with Black Panther currently occupying a 2018 release date) was made in an effort to ensure her participation on the set of Captain America: Civil War.

More to come.


According to multiple sources, there might not be a deal just yet. Though no one is currently denying DuVernay's possible (eventual) involvement in Black Panther, previous reports of her early sign-on were apparently premature:


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