Jimmy Kimmel Estimates That Leonardo DiCaprio Has Had Sex With More Than 9,000 Models

"Every year is [DiCaprio's] year," Kimmel insists. "From 1991 on has been his year."

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Though Leonardo DiCaprio and his Best Supporting Vape are likely still basking in the glow of that fresh Oscar win, some argue that the actor has long enjoyed the fruits of something also worth celebrating: a storied sex life. Jimmy Kimmel, full-time late night host and apparent part-time sex mathematician, broke down the numbers behind DiCaprio’s well-publicized jaunt through the joys of physical interaction.

"Leonardo DiCaprio won best actor," Kimmel told the world during his post-Oscars broadcastm as quoted by Us Weekly. "Leo had been nominated six times, but until tonight, he never won." This, of course, is true. DiCaprio has repeatedly been robbed of cinematic glory even with some decidedly GOAT performances in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape andThe Wolf of Wall Street. "But everyone kept saying this is his year." This, of course, is also true. We even said it.

However, by Kimmel's best estimates, almost every year is a good year for DiCaprio. "The man has had sex with a different Victoria's Secret model every night of his life," Kimmel (presumably?) joked. "Every year is his year! From 1991 on has been his year." This means that, when calculating sexual encounters using Kimmel's "every night of his life" since 1991 approximation, Leonardo DiCaprio has possibly done the deed with more than 9,000 models during his 41 years of existence.

As for the possibility of that number eventually starting to taper off, Leonardo DiCaprio vaguely addressed such a possibility in a Rolling Stone interview last month. "Do you mean do I want to bring children into a world like this?" DiCaprio posited. "If it happens, it happens." Though short on specifics, DiCaprio did offer this gem: "I don't know. To articulate how I feel about it is just gonna be misunderstood." Indeed.

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