Jared Leto Says He Thought About Signing Billie Eilish and Finneas Years Ago

The Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman and Oscar-winning actor once had the two over to perform at a small dinner party with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Jared Leto, whose band Thirty Seconds to Mars was recently made one of the subjects of Eve 6's ongoing Twitter performance art of sorts, says he once thought he had a shot at signing Billie Eilish and brother Finneas before the two bagged global fame and acclaim.

After reflecting on some recent rock-climbing endeavors on James Corden's Late Late Show, Leto looked back on having the two over to his house in the Hills to provide the entertainment for a small dinner party.

"They weren't signed and I thought that maybe I would try and sign them," Leto said around six minutes into the interview. "They were so incredibly talented and just special people. You know, the music is one thing but I think they're just incredibly intelligent, really empathetic, just really good people. I quite like them a lot."

Moving on to the memory of the two performing at his house, Leto revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio was in attendance for the makeshift show.

"I had a little dinner for, like, 12 people and I said 'Hey, will you guys come and play a couple of songs?' and they were like 'Yeah, sure,'" he said. "They showed up with a Guitar Center PA and played the most heartbreakingly beautiful music with, like, you know, it shouldn't have sounded that good. It was impossible that it sounded that good."

The performance, he added, was a success.

"Everyone was just jaws on the floor," Leto said. Peep the full interview above.

The Billie Eilish documentary The World's A Little Blurry, directed by R.J. Cutler, hits Apple TV+ and select theaters next month.

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