Do You Love Anything as Much as This Guy Loves Watching Other People Vape in Traffic? Probably Not.


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As society continues to dangerously ignore Ray Velcoro's downright poetic warning against the perils of e-cigarette enthusiasm in the single best scene from True Detective's second season, the pastime has quickly become a substantial threat to the art of existing without everyone else's annoying habits.

However, in a brief flash of genius YouTubery that can only accurately be compared to the Double Rainbow phenomenon from 2010, the narrator in the artful short film above absolutely losing his mind over the vaping skills of a fellow traffic victim proves that even society's most ridiculous habits sometimes have a positive outcome.

Fake or not, the existential wanderer inside you is now most certainly screaming loudly from the deepest corners of your brain something about "Laugh all you want, but have you ever loved anything as much as this vape lover?"

*sobs uncontrollably for the rest of the week*

For proper balance, please revisit (and attempt to heed) the fateful warnings of one Ray Velcoro:

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