Professional Imbecile George Zimmerman Retweets Graphic Photo of Trayvon Martin's Dead Body

Zimmerman also mocked the #BlackLivesMatter movement with a photo of Barack Obama.

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George Zimmerman, actual thug and current Confederate flagstruggle painter, has somehow managed to amass 11,000 (presumably stupid, racist, or both) followers on Twitter since somehow being acquitted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of unarmed black 17-year-old high school student Trayvon Martin. In an effort to maintain his personal brand, Zimmerman regularly tweets and/or retweets wildly idiotic statements on matters of race, politics, and his own storied history.

However, Zimmerman's most recent act of Zimmerdouchery is most likely his most appalling contribution to society yet. Though the tweet has now been deleted by Twitter officials, Zimmerman reportedly retweeted the following proclamation that he is a "one man army," an incendiary statement maddeningly paired with a gruesome photo of Trayvon Martin's corpse. New York Daily News got the screengrab, though we've chosen to omit a portion of the photograph:

Zimmerman's reaction to the removal of this tweet, not to mention its sickening display of murderous pride, has been just as preposterous as one would imagine. Though he eventually tweeted two phone numbers purporting to be the contact points for "all media inquiries," those numbers were traced to the supposed owner of the @SonusCarAudio handle, who was tagged in the deleted tweet referencing Trayvon Martin. On Tuesday, @SonusCarAudio shared the following:

No further comment.

— Micah Williams (@SonusCarAudio) September 29, 2015

Of course, Zimmerman's tactics remain astutely summarized in one simple word: trash.

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