White Supremacists Are Robocalling Iowans to Tell Them to Vote for Donald Trump Because They "Don't Need Muslims"

This isn't the first white supremacists have expressed excitement about Trump's campaign.

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The support from white supremacists for the continued presidential campaign of Donald Trump just keeps piling up, this time in the form of some decidedly inflammatory robocalls in Iowa. Jared Taylor, described in the Daily Beast's report as one of the country's "most prominent white supremacists," is reportedly making the calls in the name of the American National Super PAC, which is sadly exactly what you think it is.

"I urge you to vote for Donald Trump because he is the one candidate who points out that we should support immigrants who are good for America," Taylor says in the prerecorded message, as quoted by Talking Points Memo. "We don’t need Muslims. We need smart, well-educated white people who will assimilate to our culture. Vote Trump." The Beast also quotes a press release announcing the robocall dump as referencing Trump as the "Great White Hope," which would be a hilarious inclusion in a Saturday Night Live skit but is sadly something that's far too busy happening in real life. Also, SNL clearly isn't concerned with proper subversion, choosing instead to practically give Trump credence by letting him host back in November.

Taylor's name may sound familiar for some, as he reportedly serves as a spokesperson for the Council of Conservative Citizens, a group referenced in the alleged manifesto of Dylann Roof. Though Trump has remained silent on the repeated instances of white supremacist endorsement, many of his supporters would appear to be totally cool with it.

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