Donald Glover Tells Hilarious Story About Being Bitten by Dog, Shares 'Atlanta' Clip on 'Fallon'

Donald Glover stops by 'The Tonight Show' to tell Jimmy Fallon a funny story about being bitten by a dog and also shares a new 'Atlanta' clip.

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Following one of the most interesting social media campaigns in recent memory, Donald Glover's long-awaited FX original series Atlanta will premiere in September. To ensure we're all hyped (we are!), Glover has been slowly but surely popping up for some refreshingly candid press appearances. For Tuesday's Tonight Show, Glover joined Jimmy Fallon to have a chat about inadvertently hilarious dog bites and to share a fresh clip from Atlanta. Unexpected bonus? Dude also joined the Final Five gymnasts for a game of "Hungry Hungry Humans."

"I went hiking for like a week," Glover told Fallon while talking about how he spent some recent downtime by hiking in the Santa Monica, Calif. mountains. "This was like the first time ever. We did like 9 to 15 miles a day. They tell you to watch out for rattlesnakes and I didn't see any. I got bit by a dog. I did! I got bit by a dog, right on the butt."

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Thankfully, Glover said, this wasn't a "wild" dog. Instead, it was a pitbull-esque companion named Barry. "There was a woman and she was riding her bike and she had a pitbull," Glover explained. "And I feel bad because everybody's like 'pitbull!' [but] he seemed sweet."

When Fallon theorized that maybe this was the international icon Pitbull instead, Glover entertained the idea. "It was actually Pitbull," Glover said. "He was in a suit and he bit my butt. It was weird. But, yeah, I think [the dog] was just startled because they came around the bend and we ran into each other and he just circled and then he bit my butt."

Echoing his recent comments on Atlanta, Glover told Fallon that the series isn't really autobiographical at all. "I think a lot of people think it is, but it really isn't," Glover said. "I just wanted to tell weird stories there." What's compelling about the underrated Georgia city, Glover said, is that everyone there has their own philosophy. "It's a lot like New York where you meet people and they're just gonna give you their philosophy," he said. "Everybody has, like, a really specific philosophy. A lot of the actors are just from Atlanta and we let them do their thing."

After chatting briefly about pickled pig feet, Glover then joined Fallon and the Final Five for that aforementioned round of "Hungry Hungry Humans."

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Atlanta premieres Sept. 6 on FX.

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