And Now, Video of Rachel Dolezal Using the N-Word Surfaces

Rachel Dolezal saying the N-Word while talking about the proper pronunciation of 'Nigeria'

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As Rachel Dolezal announces that she is resigning from her Spokane NAACP presidency early Monday, the backlash continues.

In a video where Dolezal is being interviewed about her experience as a "black woman," she starts talking about her child and his school. She begins discussing one of her kid's classes having difficulty with pronouncing "Nigeria" while learning about geography. The kids pronounce it the wrong way and in a light-hearted manner Rachel tries to laugh off her awkward articulation.

While she's not saying it in a denigrating manner, it's still hard to understand why she's been living a straight up lie her whole life. The fact that her kids have been influenced by this as well is just as troubling. Is Rachel Dolezal's racial identity issue a real thing? Does it justify her actions?

Even though Dolezal has respectfully resigned, there are still many questions prevalent as to what was really going on in her head whilst doing this and if she actually needs help. As she faces the consequences for her actions, only time will tell.

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