Electronic Dreams: Giorgio Moroder Film + Music Series in NYC Starts Tomorrow (4/8)

92YTribeca highlights the career of the synthesizer composer par excellance.


What hasn't Giorgio Moroder done? Not only does the beautifully-mustachioed Italian have Oscars, he created the sonic backdrop for Donna Summer to orgasm over on her 17-minute long epic "Love to Love You Baby." A genius of the synthesizer, Moroder composed the scores for Midnight Express, Scarface, and Top Gun, among other classics.

All month long, 92YTribeca will screen 35mm prints of the films Moroder electronically blessed. They'll also present live music events from artists indebted to the composer. Cat People, the first in the series, screens tomorrow and will be followed by an afterparty featuring the music of Mobroder, a collaboration between Spank Rock and producers DJ Hoff and Blu Jemz. Expect hot and nasty mustache action.

For the entire schedule, please click here.

Giorgio Moroder Film + Music Series
Opening Night Screening and Afterparty
Friday, April 8
200 Hudson St, New York
Tickets $20
Complete schedule of events

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