Best Buy Wants to Buy Back Your Tech

The "future proof" plan might get you some dough for old model gear.

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Tired of getting one-upped by a new model right after you just bought that new phone or camera? Best Buy's got your back... or at least 50% of it.

The eclectronics retail giant is unveiling a new buy back program during the Super Bowl this Sunday, wherein customers can purchase a protection plan with new gadgets that keeps them "future proof."

Take your tech back to the store in good condition within 6 months and Best Buy will outfit you with a gift card for 50% of its value. You'll get 40% if it's been between six months and a year, and the refund goes steadily down hill from there.

While it's nice to think that Best Buy is supporting its customers with a buy back program in these days of instant obsolescence, the fact that you have to pay a fee up front and can only get a likely-lower-than-Craigslist-value 50% return (in Best Buy only gift card form, no less) still leaves much to be desired.

Here's hoping that team blue and yellow improve on the initiative as time goes on. It's a good start.

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