Aubrey Plaza and Drew Barrymore had a somewhat bizarre and flirtatious exchange while hanging out on the latter’s podcast “Drew’s News,” and it’s got the internet in a chokehold.

The moment went down as part of Plaza’s lengthy conversation with Barrymore surrounding an array of topics, including the former’s connection to Iceland, “engagement boners,” as well as Plaza’s time on Season 2 of The White Lotus. As the interview went along, the pair took moments throughout to express their excitement and gratitude at being alongside the other. Then things took a more flirtatious turn.

“You’re a dream mom, I wish you were my mom,” Plaza says at the 13-minute mark above. “Be my mommy. Feed me! Put me to bed.”

Barrymore responds, “I will, I’m good at it too. I always like hold and they get in the nook of my arm...and I hold them and I pet them.”

“Nurture me,” Plaza interjects. “Nourish me.”

“Oh God, what I wouldn’t do to put you to bed,” Barrymore adds before Plaza concludes with, “I’m a hungry baby.”

The clip quickly gained traction on Twitter, with one user writing they were “actually [taking] breaks throughout the video to process what I was hearing.”

Another user wrote, “Sometimes I feel like everybody is a sexy baby?” While another added, “I was not ready for this.”

Plaza, who just starred as Harper on The White Lotus’ second season, is now off filming Francis Ford Coppola’s latest film Megalopolis, and she told GQ the killer 2022 she’s had is just all part of manifestation.

“To go from Mike White to Francis Ford Coppola, that’s a good year for me," she told the publication. “I’m trying to manifest this. I'm trying to work with brilliant directors.”

Watch the full interview with Drew Barrymore above.