HBO’s Insecure has been a lot—a platform for Issa Rae to turn the game up to the next level, one of the funniest (and most drama-filled) shows on television, and, when all else failed, it was an amazing space for beautiful music. Issa Rae’s been a music head—Raedio was born during her work on Insecure—and it’s been dope to hear those impressive needle drops, both time-specific and otherwise, especially when you consider that a number of emerging talents have had their music premiere on the series.

Season 5 is no different; in every episode, the music is just as good as the actual scenes! Last year, Rae told the Watch Less Podcast that she’s always about the music, and for the first four seasons, we made sure to bring you every song played on the series, and with Season 5 marking the end of this particular era, we wanted to make sure you got all of the heat from this final season as well!

We’ll be collecting the music from the series, week by week, so you can be up on the heat Issa and company inject into each episode. Here is all of the music played during Season 5 of Insecure.