'Cypress Hill: Tres Equis' Graphic Novel Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary of Cypress Hill's Debut Album

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Cypress Hill's self-titled debut album, the group linked with Z2 Comics for an amazing graphic novel. Pre-order today.

Cypress Hill: Tres Equis Print Set

Image via Z2 Comics

Cypress Hill: Tres Equis Print Set

Thirty years ago, Cypress Hill released their self-titled debut album, featuring their debut smash hit “How I Could Just Kill A Man,” which has been featured everywhere from the 1992 thriller Juice to Radio Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It was also the first glimpse of the mega-stardom Cypress Hill would have and continue to have to this day.

To celebrate this feat, Cypress Hill partnered up with Z2 Comics (who have worked with everyone from Rico Nasty to Major Lazer) for Tres Equis, a graphic novel penned by Complex OG Noah Callahan-Bever and ego trip’s Gabriel Alvarez, with illustration by Felix Ruiz (Wolverine MAX), Jefte Palo (Taskmaster), Juan Gedeon (Venom), Damion Scott (Marvel’s Voices), Angel Hernandez (Star Trek) and Paris Alleyne (AFTERFLIFT). “This is a dream project,” Callahan-Bever says. “Growing up I had two loves: comic books and hip-hop music. I’ve been fortunate to spend the last 25 years working around hip-hop, as a journalist and music executive, but never got the opportunity to realize my dreams of making a comic,” calling this moment in time “a professional grail moment.” Alvarez, who was one of Callahan-Bever’s mentors over at ego trip, shared similar sentiments.

“I’ve always loved Cypress and comic books so them together is like nacho cheese and chips, Cheech reunited with Chong, or tequila mixed with lime,” Alvarez shares. “It’s been fun re-connecting with Noah and every time I see the Cypress artwork I’m blown away. It’s incredible. I can’t wait to get my own copy.”

Cypress Hill: Tres Equis Standard cover

Speaking of copies, you can pre-order Tres Equis (which will be printed in English and Spanish) right now. The thing is, you’ll have to make a decision on which version you’re going to be copping. The standard 160-page softcover version of the graphic novel (which you can see right above these words) will hit your favorite comic book shops and bookstores this August, but the alternate versions—including a deluxe hardcover edition, a limited super deluxe edition, an exclusive LP edition of Cypress Hill’s self-titled debut on green vinyl with all-new cover art by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, special edition art prints by Ortiz, Scott and Gedeon; and much more—can only be obtained directly from Z2.

Going all out is dope, but one might wonder: Why? B-Real breaks it down simply: “Art has always been a major influence in our lives and our music. As kids we would read comic books that were full of heroes achieving the impossible. 30 years later, I would have never thought we would get a chance to tell our story this way.” Sen Dog adds, “The story of Cypress Hill in a graphic novel is the perfect way to illustrate the time and place where the group was born.”

We’ve got some exclusive looks at the Cypress Hill Z2 Comics Tres Equis rollout, featuring the deluxe edition cover art, the art prints, that ill green vinyl, and much more below. Secure your copy today!

Cypress Hill: Tres Equis Deluxe Edition
Cypress Hill: Tres Equis Vinyl
Cypress Hill: Tres Equis Art Print 01
Cypress Hill: Tres Equis Art Print 02
Cypress Hill: Tres Equis Art Print 03
Cypress Hill: Tres Equis Toy
Cypress Hill: Tres Equis Art Set
Cypress Hill: Tres Equis Slipcase


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