Caleb McLaughlin Releases New Song "Soul Travel" and Talks 'Stranger Things' Coming to an End

The actor opened up about his new song and music video for "Soul Travel," making music, and what it means for him that 'Stranger Things' is coming to an end.

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Caleb McLaughlin has played Lucas Sinclair on Stranger Things since 2016. Season 4 of the hit Netflix series is returning this month and the actor, who is now 20-years-old, is also entering a new phase of his career. Aside from acting, McLaughlin is also a well-rounded artist who produces, sings, and writes his own music, and his latest song “Soul Travel,” as well as the music video, is dropping on Friday, May 6. The song showcases his evolution from child star into adulthood and marks the next chapter of his life as an artist. McLaughlin produced his latest track and is releasing it independently as the lead single from his upcoming EP. The project will also be self-released, as a way to take full control of his craft and not be behind a massive powerhouse like he has been since he was a child through Netflix.

Stranger Things is making its long-awaited return on Friday, May 27, and the show’s creators Matt and Ross Duffer announced that Season 5 will be the final season of the Netflix series, which debuted in 2016. McLaughlin has played the role since he was a teenager and fans have watched him grow up on the show. He has worked on other films since and is already currently working on new projects, but McLaughlin tells Complex that music has always been his creative outlet and said he feels that it’s his “calling.” We caught up with the actor via email to chat about his new song “Soul Travel,” the inspiration for his music, and what it means to see his Stranger Things chapter coming to an end.

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