Racist Kentucky Church Bans Interracial Couples

Ignorance, in the name of the Lord.

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This story is just further proof that we don't live in a society free of racism. Stella "Suzie" Harville stunned the congregation of Gulnare Freewill Baptist church in Pike County, Kentucky when she showed up with her African fiance. Harville met Ticha Chikuni at Georgetown College, and decided she wanted to take the man she fell in love with to the place she had worshipped since she was a little girl. The greeting they received, if you can even call it that, wasn't what she expected.

On Sunday, members of the church voted 9-6 to outlaw interracial couples. WYMTgot their hands on the document, which reads: "the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church does not condone interracial marriage. Parties of such marriages will not be received as members, nor will they be used in worship services and other church functions, with the exception being funerals." So much for all of us being God's children.

The pastor tried to clean this up, saying that everyone is welcome at the church, but it's crystal clear that the dreaded Jungle Fever wont' be tolerated. Harville is shocked and appalled, but will continue to plan her wedding to Chikuni, which is scheduled for July. One place they won't be getting married: Gulnare Freewill Baptist church.

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