Florida Man Who Posed as Dentist Accused For Having Rogue Lips

Florida is a gold mine of f*ckery.

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Nobody likes an ass-kisser—especially an unwelcome one. A Florida man has been accused of practicing dentistry without a license, as well as kissing the buttocks of a female patient. 47-year-old John Collazos, who allegedly remodeled a Hollywood, FL apartment with dental equipment, was arrested last week after the patient complained about Collazos and his delinquent mouth.

The woman scheduled an appointment for a toothache, and Collazos reportedly administered a paste to soothe her pain. That didn't do the trick, so he injected her in the buttocks to ease the pain in her mouth, then kissed her rear and allegedly touched her genitalia. He was arrested two months ago for practicing without a license, and police say that he primarily offered his services to immigrants. 

Four victims have been identified, and Collazos has been charged with misdemeanor practice of dental hygiene without a license.

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[via The Huffington Post]

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