Seinfeld Thinks 'Extreme Left and PC Crap' Ruined TV Comedy Landscape, Fans of 'Curb' and 'It's Always Sunny' Call Bullsh*t

The 70-year-old comedian and former sitcom star starred in the celebrated series finale of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' mere weeks ago.

Jerry Seinfeld performs on stage in a suit, holding a microphone
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Jerry Seinfeld performs on stage in a suit, holding a microphone

Jerry Seinfeld recently appeared on The New Yorker Radio Hour, where he delivered an out-of-touch take about comedy today.

Seinfeld, 70, claimed "the extreme left and PC crap" are to blame for the current state of comedy, suggesting people are "worrying so much about offending other people."


On a new episode of The New Yorker Radio Hour, Jerry Seinfeld talks with David Remnick about his new film on the history of Pop-Tarts, the changing norms in comedy, and turning 70. Listen to their full conversation at the link in our bio. #jerryseinfeld #unfrosted #podtok

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The comedian starts off by waxing poetic about a time that simply does not exist anymore.

"It used to be, you would go home at the end of the day, most people would go, 'Oh, Cheers is on. Oh, MASH is on. Oh, Mary Tyler Moore is on, All in the Family's on,'" Seinfeld said. "You just expected, 'There'll be some funny stuff we can watch on TV tonight.' Well, guess what—where is it?"

The better question may be, what is linear television in 2024?

According to Statista, a projected 46.6 million U.S. households will move away from the traditional TV model this year, meaning fewer viewers are relying on television networks to dictate what they watch. More and more people are curating their daily viewing experience through streaming services.

These streamers do not have the same limitations as networks, since the latter must also deal with advertisers who could refuse to associate themselves with a "controversial" program by pulling ad dollars, which are already sparse due to the decline of linear television.

The comedian went on to bring up a "controversial" element from an episode of Seinfeld that he thinks would be considered unacceptable today.

"We did an episode of the show in the '90s where Kramer decides to start a business of having homeless people pull rickshaws because, as he says, 'They're outside anyway,'" he said. "Do you think I could get that episode on the air today?"

People were quick to point out that a sitcom like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia exists.

"You couldn't make Seinfeld Today"

My guy, as a show about ignorant people doing morally questionable things, Always Sunny picked up the ball Seinfeld put down and ran WAY further.

— Nick Lani (@Lanipator) April 29, 2024
Twitter: @Lanipator

Every time this take goes around, people correctly note that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is still on the air, and has been for 16 years.

— Sam Sacks (@SamSacks) April 29, 2024
Twitter: @SamSacks

LOL I literally just watched a scene of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia where two grown men beat the shit out of children and no one batted an eye…your rickshaw bit wouldn’t even crack the top 10 of what that show is still doing now…if you’re funny you can adjust

— Dodgers in 6 🥴 (@CaliMVP) April 29, 2024
Twitter: @CaliMVP

Another show that has not been afraid to wade into controversial waters was Curb Your Enthusiasm, which was created by Larry David, who co-created Seinfeld. Seinfeld also appeared in the series finale earlier this month.

Didn’t Curb Your Enthusiasm just end?

— Kar (@karlogan_) April 29, 2024
Twitter: @karlogan_

His Seinfeld costar & co-creator/writer (?) have had 2 of the biggest shows of the last 15 years with VEEP & Curb Your Enthusiasm. Neither of those shows are exactly “PC”.

— Add your name (@veryADVANCED) April 29, 2024
Twitter: @veryADVANCED

Curb Your Enthusiasm just ended a successful run that I'd argue was better than Seinfeld's. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one of the most purposely offensive shows in TV history & is going strong. Abbott Elementary is WILDLY popular. Blaming woke for everything is boring!

— Vas Drimalitis (@vasdrimalitis) April 27, 2024
Twitter: @vasdrimalitis

Curb Your Enthusiasm was on the air until three weeks ago

— Sam Adams (@SamuelAAdams) April 30, 2024
Twitter: @SamuelAAdams

Jerry Seinfeld saying you can't write sitcoms anymore because of woke despite the fact his old writing partner just wrapped up a 24-year run of one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time, is arguably the funniest thing he's done in decades - funnier even than Bee Movie, perhaps

— TheIainDuncanSmiths (@TheIDSmiths) April 29, 2024
Twitter: @TheIDSmiths

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