'Game of Thrones' Showrunner Went to the Hospital After Playing 'Slap Game' With Jason Momoa

'Game of Thrones’ showrunner David Benioff challenged Jason Momoa to the slap game, and it took a hospital visit for him to realize it was a terrible idea.

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Alcohol has been referred to as “liquid courage” for its ability to provide someone with the bravery that they weren’t able to access while fully sober. Game of Thrones co-creator and showrunner David Benioff once allowed liquid courage to give him the irrational confidence to challenge Jason Momoa to the “Slap Game,” and as you would probably expect, it didn’t end well for him. It actually landed Benioff in the hospital.

On Thursday, HBO released the latest episode of their animated short series Backstories where Benioff, along with fellow co-creator D.B. Weiss, recalls the time Momoa “squished” his hands. 

Momoa, who played Khal Drogo on Thrones, returned to the show for a cameo appearance in the Season 2 finale “Valar Morghulis.” Benioff, Weiss, Emilia Clarke, among others, decided to go out drinking with Momoa since they had not seen him in about a year.

As people branched off into their own conversations, Momoa started bragging to Benioff about beating someone in the “Slap Game,” which involves taking turns slapping each other’s hands until you miss. Under the influence of liquid courage, Benioff believed that he stood a chance against Momoa, and decided to take him on. Big mistake. 

Benioff woke up the next morning and discovered that his hands looked like “catcher’s mitts” after doubling in size. After returning home from a flight, his wife Amanda Peet noticed his abnormally large hands, and took him to the hospital. The doctor said that Benioff’s hands had been “squished.”

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Despite how bad it looks that Momoa inflicted this much pain on Benioff, the Aquaman actor has a kind heart, and he recently put that part of himself on display when he shaved his beard to raise awareness towards the destructive impact that plastics have on the environment. 

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